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All design agencies will offer you great design work, they only differ in how they get there. Our difference is that we offer you all the bits that you need and none of the bits that you don’t.

Packaging Design

Whether a quick refresh or a complete overhaul, we tailor our offer to suit your brief. No fancy trademarked processes and no jargon. We work with some of the biggest (and smallest) names in the supermarket helping brands grow and get noticed.


Innovation can be the best way to grow your brand. It tells the consumer that you are exciting, forward thinking and ahead of the competition. For us this doesn’t mean lengthy workshops or tiring innovation days but sharp pencils and even sharper creative minds.


We can take concept sketches through to CAD and full working prototypes. We can deliver fully dressed mock ups or accurate machine drawings.


There is nothing quite like seeing your lovely new pack in the flesh. We partner with some of the best mock up houses in the UK to ensure that your mock up looks just like your end pack design.


As part of brand development, we are often asked to explore how the packs can merchandise well in store. Whether graphical or structural we can deliver high quality visuals or prototypes to ensure that your brand owns the shelf.


“So, I love what you have done with the packaging….. do you do websites as well?” It is not something that we ever set out to do but lots of clients have asked us to bring their brand to life on the interweb! So we thought, why not.

Digital Prototyping


At Slice Design, we believe in showing you more than just a flat pack version of your branding. We’re bringing your brand to life with our brand new Digital Prototyping service.



We work hard to make you stand out on shelf. In addition to our design services we also offer a no nonsense, jargon free approach to brand positioning.

Brand Positioning

All brands need a point of difference; the single most important reason that a consumer picks up your brand up off the shelf. Some agencies tend to use fancy trade marked processes, we prefer a simpler approach using trends, consumer insights, competitive analysis and a good dollop of common sense.


A good name sticks. Creating the right tone of voice and consumer recognition can be the difference between success and failure. We create names to fit a brands point of difference and ensure that they can be registered legally and uniquely.


Ensuring consistency is paramount in branding. Brand guidelines give you the opportunity to create a set of rules and guiding principles that help bring the brand to life over a variety of collateral with the same single minded message.


Brand stories, strap lines, on pack copy, web content. They all need to convey your USP. Our copy writers ensure that this is communicated clearly and on brand.


We work on lots of global brands. Often this means that copy need to be translated into many different languages quickly and accurately. We work with some of the best translation houses in the UK to ensure quality and value are upheld throughout the process.

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