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We challenge the world of the 'Big Design Agency'.
Based in London UK, Slice Design are an international, creative branding and packaging design agency that help consumer brands grow and get noticed. No jargon. No fancy processes. Just great ideas and award winning packs.

Danone - Activia
Something to make you feel good on the inside.
Wrigley's - Extra Gum
Something loved and iconic.
Danone - Activia
Something bursting with flavour.
Panther Brewery - Panther Ale
Something impactful on a limited budget.
Kraft / Costa - Roast & Ground
Something to wake you up.
GSK - Aquafresh
Something HUGE to reposition globally.
Fry's - Chocolate Cream
Something steeped in heritage.
Cadbury - Xmas Selection Packs
Something with personality and character.
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Latest: Billa Pasta
Client - Billa
We were approached to create an authentic yet affordable range of pasta to appeal to the global market. Everyone knows that the home of pasta is Italy, but we wanted to create 'the home' of the home of great pasta! Billa’s kitchen was born.
Latest: Little Turban Marinades
Client - Little Turban.
After the success of Little Turban sauces, the latest challenge was to launch a new marinade sauce within the established range.
Latest: XL Energy Drinks
Client - XL.
Born in Poland back in 2000, XL is distributed across the globe in over 80 countries. Unfortunately, after almost 14 years in the market, the presence of XL’s branding & packaging was beginning to look outdated in a sector that was fast becoming saturated with cheaper, own-label brands. It was time to give XL the boost it needed to remain top of the game...
Latest: Activia Duo
Client - Danone.
It was time to refresh the Intensely Creamy range and launch a new selection of flavourful yogurts! The new Duo editions are an expansion of the current Activia Intensely Creamy range; a more indulgent offering for yogurt lovers and packed full with exciting fruit combinations!