Put simply...
We challenge the world of the 'Big Design Agency'.
Based in London UK, Slice Design are an international, creative branding and packaging design agency that help consumer brands grow and get noticed. No jargon. No fancy processes. Just great ideas and award winning packs.

Danone - Activia
Something to make you feel good on the inside.
Wrigley's - Extra Gum
Something loved and iconic.
Danone - Activia
Something bursting with flavour.
Panther Brewery - Panther Ale
Something impactful on a limited budget.
Kraft / Costa - Roast & Ground
Something to wake you up.
GSK - Aquafresh
Something HUGE to reposition globally.
Fry's - Chocolate Cream
Something steeped in heritage.
Cadbury - Xmas Selection Packs
Something with personality and character.
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Latest work: Great Foods
Client - Great Foods.
‘Great Food’ had been hidden in the Kosher section of supermarkets, and lost behind uninspiring packaging since it launched in 1998. It needed to break free into the mainstream and show how great its products really tasted!